Sample Cases

Ms. Bahar has represented plaintiffs, defendants and amici curiae in a broad range of issues in California and federal appellate courts. A sampling of published and unpublished cases follows:

Verotel Merchant Services et al. v. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation et al. (BC467109) (May 2016) [trial court partially granted motion for judgement not withstanding the verdict, striking jury's $7.5 million punitive damage award]

People v. Saldana (2016) 2016 WL 4001205 [California court of appeal reversed appellant's conviction on two counts for lack of evidence]

People V. Williams (2014) 227 Cal.App.4th 733 [court of appeal held, in a matter of first impression, that life sentences defendant received pursuant to Three Strikes Law for convictions constituted "life sentences" within the meaning of statute imposing 15 year minimum parole eligibility period for gang related crimes]

In re Luis C. (2012) 2012 WL 419392 [California court of appeal reversed trial court's order of restitution against minor for an amount in excess of 4 million dollars]

Fraihat v. Holder (2011) 2011 WL 2469406 [9th Circuit reverses Immigration Judge's order of removal and remands for determination whether the alien's waiver of his right to appeal was considered and intelligent]

Turner v. Association of American Medical Colleges (2011) 193 Cal.App.4th 1047 [Ms. Bahar represented amicus curiae, the Los Angeles County Bar Association, in both trial and appellate court proceedings in support of plaintiffs and respondents; the court of appeal held that the trial court had the discretion not to award attorney fees to a prevailing defendant under the fee-shifting statute, Civil Code § 55, of the Disabled Persons Act, and did not abuse its discretion in this case]

DeMichele v. Steinbeck (2010) 2010 WL 4403032 [California court of appeal overturned trial court's grant of summary judgment ]

Garcia v. Santana (2009) 174 Cal.App.4th 464 [court of appeal held that the trial court had the discretion to consider the client's financial condition in setting amount of an attorney fee award under Civil Code § 1354]

Vera v. Century 21 Master Realty et al. (2009) 2009 WL 1634903 [California court of appeal reversed the trial court's grant of demurrer without leave to amend]

Simmons v. Ghaderi (2008) 44 Cal.4th 570 [the supreme court held that the trial court erred when it relied on evidence of an oral settlement agreement allegedly formed during mediation proceedings in violation of the confidentiality of mediation proceedings under Evidence Code §§ 1115 et seq.]

Van Keulen v. Cathay Pacific Airways (2008) 162 Cal.App.4th 122 [court of appeal held that the trial court had the discretion to dismiss for failure to diligently prosecute an action stayed on forum non conveniens grounds and did not abuse its discretion in this case]

Durazo-Murrieta v. Mukasey (2008) 2008 WL 467736 [9th Circuit reversed Immigration Judge's order of removal and transferred case to district court for determination of whether alien is entitled to a derivative nationality status]

Gliane v. Long Beach Unified School District (2007) 2007 WL 2111045 [California court of appeal reversed and held that the school district failed to grant the minor a due process hearing under Education Code § 48918 so that he could respond to the allegation that he had committed an expellable offense]

San Bernardino Public Employees Association v. Superior Court et al. (2007) 2007 WL 3015582 [California court of appeal upheld trial court's grant of demurrer on the ground that the association did not have associational standing to represent the court reporters because they are independent contractors]